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MNR represents clients dealing with international extradition issues in the United States and abroad.  We provide counsel when Americans and international clients are charged with white collar crimes in foreign countries or when the United States government seeks to extradite them to the United States.  Individuals, who face extradition from the United States, may have limited options when it comes to defenses to extradition.  However, an experienced extradition defense attorney may be able to mount a successful attack at the extradition hearing using various extradition defense techniques such as: an examination of international treaties; an attack on the foreign extradition package including foreign indictment or other accusatory documents; or invoking a defense under the rule of double criminality.  MNR also represents clients detained overseas on American issued indictments and arrest warrants.  In some cases it is possible to prevent extradition to the United States, while in others, a skillfully crafted defense strategy may result in a significant reduction of criminal charges pending against the client in the United States even before the extradition takes place.

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  • Representation of a former Commodity Pool Operator extradited from Germany in a criminal prosecution by the U.S. Department of Justice for securities fraud and obstruction of justice in connection with the alleged unlawful trading of commodity futures.
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