Government Enforcement Actions & Investigations

American companies now operate in a climate of increased government scrutiny and close coordination between criminal and civil regulatory authorities. The result has been a virtual blurring of the lines separating criminal, civil and regulatory offenses and heightened business risk. In this environment, clients need creative, coordinated strategies to what are often concurrent criminal, civil and/or administrative proceedings. They also need lawyers who understand the enforcement mindset and can deliver solutions that address a client’s business, reputational and legal concerns. Founded and led by three former federal prosecutors, MNR is a go-to firm for such situations. We successfully have defended companies and individuals in some of Florida’s most significant federal and state probes. We regularly represent corporations and financial institutions of all sizes as well as owners, executives and prominent individuals who are facing government investigation or have become the target of enforcement proceedings. In many cases, we are hired to defend clients in parallel proceedings or investigations conducted by federal agencies such as the United States Department of Justice, the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the Internal Revenue Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Office of Foreign Assets Control, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and various state attorneys general and regulatory agencies. We also have been asked to represent employees, or groups of employees, who have been subpoenaed as witnesses in connection with Grand Jury investigations.

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Because of our enforcement experience, MNR lawyers often are asked by companies to conduct internal investigations into allegations of wrongdoing by its management or employees. We handle these inquiries discreetly and thoroughly in order to minimize our clients’ risk and exposure. We also counsel our clients regarding potential referrals to law enforcement agencies.

MNR is a leading firm in defending SEC investigations, administrative proceedings, and enforcement actions in federal court. We have successfully persuaded the SEC to not bring enforcement proceedings in response to informal and formal probes. And we have represented companies and individuals in some of the largest SEC actions in the country, involving allegations of securities fraud in excess of $100 million.

MNR has handled high-profile FTC enforcement actions alleging deceptive marketing and unfair business practices by companies and individuals in several different business sectors, including debt relief, invention promotion and patenting, and sweepstakes. Because of our courtroom experience, we aggressively defend these actions at all stages and mount vigorous defenses to the FTC’s efforts to impose asset freezes, injunctions, and receiverships at the outset of cases.

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Government Enforcement Actions & Investigations